A structured cabling system provides a platform upon which an overall information system strategy is built. Working Knowledge designs and builds flexible cabling infrastructures nationwide - Structured Cabling Systems that support multiple voice, data, video, security and multimedia systems regardless of their manufacturer.

Working Knowledge provides the highest quality, best performing Structured Cabling Systems available and can build an Ethernet infrastructure to serve your strategic business needs now and in the future. Working Knowledge will help you evaluate, design and install the optimum integrated system for your company.

Working Knowledge's Structured Cabling Installations will ensure optimum performance and flexibility and provide the longest possible life span before re-cabling or upgrading will be required.  Working Knowledge ensures that our installations are the highest performing, standards-based copper and fiber solutions available.  We guarantee this with a 25 year warranty on all of our certified installations.

Working Knowledge offers the most comprehensive and rock solid installations of copper (unshielded and shielded twisted-pair) Category 5e, Category 6 (Class E), augmented Category 6/Category 6A(Class EA) and Category 7/7A (Class F/FA), R59, RG6, RG11, 734/735, multimode and singlemode fiber cabling systems available.

In addition, Working Knowledge employs Certified Cabling Technicians from the following manufactures of cable, outlets, technologies, telecommunication rooms, cabinets and equipment:




















Middle Atlantic

Structured Cabling is the Foundation of your network!

Don't trust your installation to just anyone!

Current Projects

Delta Sonic - New Construction (West Amherst, NY)
Working Knowledge awarded contract to install full telecommunication infrastructure, A/V, CCTV and control package for the new Delta Sonic in West Amherst.  Infrastructure includes long haul fiber, CAT6, CAT6 sheilded, mutipair cabling and all associated technologies.

Major Data Center Upgrade @ Diversified Energy Organization (Williamsville, NY)
Working Knowledge contracted to install and upgrade fiber optic infrastruture in the data center of one of the largest utilities companies in the United States.

42MW Data Center Construction (Toyah, TX)
Working Knowledge was awarded the telecommunication construction contract for a new 42 megawatt data center project including pathway development (trenching and conduit), fiber optic installation and deployment, and copper connectivity to over 11,000 individual endpoints.

Data Center (Niagara Falls, NY)
Working Knowledge contracted to install full infrastructure package for large data center in Niagara Falls, NY.  Installation included pathway development including basket tray and overhead racking, 2500 shielded endpoints, IDF build-outs and fiber connectivity.

Springville Griffith Central School District (Springville, NY)
Working Knowledge awarded large contract to supplement existing copper infrastructure, install new fiber optic backbones throughout and demo legacy cabling at all four schools (Springville High School, Springville Middle School, Springville Elementary School and Colden Elementary).  Project includes pathway development, supplemental wiring closet infrastructure and fiber optic installation.

The Killington Lodge (Killington, VT)
Working Knowledge contracted to upgrade all trelecommunication infrastructure at the georgeous Killngton Lodge in the foothills of the Green Mountains.

Midway State Park (Beemus Point, NY)
Working Knowledge contracted by New York State Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation to provide a  complete fiber optic distribution system throughout the state park including direction drilling, boring, excavation, conduit installation and supplemental copper infrastructure at all end points.

Medina Central Schools (Medina, NY)
Working Knowledge awarded large contract to recable approximately1500 phone and data outlets at all three schools (Oak Orchard Elementary, Clifford H. Wise Middle School, Medina high School).  Project includes pathway development, supplemental wiring closet infrastructure, fiber optic remediation and manufacturer certifications

Buffalo Public Schools (Buffalo, NY)
Working Knowledge awarded a three year contract to upgrade, repair and replace all cabling thoughout the entire BPS network.  This is Working Knowledge's second time being awarded this contract.